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The remote aircraft is relatively small total weight usually averages about 5 lbs. and is about an average size of 2 feet across and 1 feet tall.

Drones can be used for all kinds of aerial missions including but not limited to, aerial photography, aerial video, surveillance, search and rescue, thermal imaging, 3D rendering, panoramic aerial photography, 360 degree panoramas, showing the future view of buildings not yet made and more. The drone must always stay within line of sight of the pilot and stay clear of obstacles such as power lines, trees, buildings, radio or high frequency broadcast sites and any other hazards to flight.

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Typically shots are best accomplished with the pilot standing at a point behind the aircraft with the camera facing the same direction for normal orientation, although any orientation is possible. The aircraft is battery operated and has a 5-10 minute flight time before landing is needed to change batteries and fly again as needed. A clear take off area is required for safety. Live video monitors provide live view for still photos or video while in flight. All media is recorded on board. We don’t fly in the rain or heavy snow and can’t allow sand or dust to enter the system. Optimum wind conditions are ideal under 10 MPH. We can operate day or night. Can perform basically any aerial related task with mission planning.

The main advantage of a drone video is it’s a creative and unique one. The close range aerial filming via our radio controlled drone multi-rotor can access places full sized manned aircraft cannot. Producing shots not possible with traditional manned aircraft. The small size and light weight aircraft allows us to fly closer to subjects with a low noise/wind impact in the surrounding environment. Many times our aircraft go unnoticed. Except at night. Can you say UFO?  Our aircraft a brightly lit for night ops.  Urban 360 Panoramic Photos in Utah cities are often taken from the roof top of an existing building on site, or taken from an adjacent roof top if access is granted. If the site is undeveloped then we will consider to take off and land from the site itself, or if there is a hazard adjacent to the site.

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Q: What on earth is a multi-copter or a drone?

A: A multi-copter is like a helicopter but has several rotor blades to produce lift. Quad-copters have four rotors. There are also helicopters with one rotor but we have mostly transitioned away from helicopters since multi-copters offer a more stable platform. Evan Green uses a Quad-copter for aerial media which have 4 rotor blades, they have a nice balance of lift to weight ratio and are very efficient to operate. The media likes to call all these drones – so, ok, we can call it a Drone too.

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