Dallas Kid’s Book App Review: ‘The Day I Became A Pirate’ By Cary Snowden

Dallas Kids Book App Review of The Day I Became A Pirate By Cary Snowden

Ahoy Dallas Mateys!

Houston kids can channel their inner pirate with the delightful “The Day I Became A Pirate” book app by Cary Snowden.

The story is written in catchy rhyme punctuated with swashbuckler speak and boy-friendly grossness: guts, armpit hair and a belch for good measure.

A motley crew of smelly pirates descends on a tropical beach looking for help for a sick crewman. They see a young boy and appeal to him for aid. The frightened youngster figures out why the tattered buccaneer is in pain, gathers his courage and performs a swordfish extrication (you DID NOT see THAT coming!). The thankful captain rewards the boy with his booty and pronounces him a member of his pirate band.

Houston readers have the options of listening to the story read in salty pirate dialect or reading the text from the scroll on each page. Nine hidden clues are interspersed throughout the adventure. When all the clues are found, Dallas readers are rewarded with a bonus video that reveals a secret part of the story.

Though pirates are not known for teaching wholesome virtues, this tale portrays compassion, loyalty, courage, gratitude, and generosity.

The Day I Became A Pirate is available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone.

Download it today for yer favorite Houston scalawag.

Visit http://thedayibecameapirate.com for more piratey goodness!

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